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Bid Number: 2018-2020
Bid Title: Street Seal Coat Bids
Category: Current Bids
Status: Open

Publication Date/Time:
7/5/2018 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Contracted
Submittal Information:
CITY OF CUERO P.O. BOX 660 • CUERO, TEXAS 77954 • (361) 275-6114 • FAX (361) 275-6265 “Street Seal
Bid Opening Information:
08/08/2018 2:00 pm
Plan & Spec Available:

This item covers the application of a single layer of asphalt covered with aggregate for the sealing of existing pavements in accordance with these specifications.
Seal coats shall not be applied when the air temperature is below 60 deg. F and falling, but may be applied when the air temperature is above 50 deg. F and rising. Temperature reading shall be taken in the shade and away from artificial heat. No asphaltic material shall be placed when weather conditions, in the opinion of the Engineer, are not suitable.

Asphaltic material shall be AC-5 (asphalt cement), and shall meet the requirements stipulated in ASTM Designation D3381-83. The AC-5 shall have a heating and storage maxim um of 400 deg. F. The recommended range for application and mixing shall be 275-350 deg. F with a maxi m um allowable of375 deg. F.

Aggregate used for seal coat shall consist of clean, tough and durable particles of crushed stone, crushed slag or natural limestone rock asphalt. The specific aggregate to be used is identified as Type PB-Grade 4. Aggregate materials shall not have more than 5% by weight of soft particles or impurities. The natural bitumen content shall be in n the range of 4-8% by weight of natural impregnated asphalt. The aggregates shall contain no more than 1% by weight of fine dust, clay l like particles and/or silt.


Prior to laying asphalt, area to be surfaced shall be cleaned of dirt, dust, or other foreign material by brooming or other approved methods. If deemed necessary by the city, a light sprinkling of water may be required before initial application of asphalt is made.

Asphaltic material shall be applied to the surface to be treated by a self-propelled pressure
distributor in such a manner as to distribute the material evenly, at the specified rate and under a pressure suitable for proper distribution. The distributor shall have been recently calibrated and the Engineer shall be furnished an accurate and satisfactory record of such calibration. If, after work has begun, the rate of application from the distributor appears to be in error, the distributor shall be recalibrated before resuming the work. Facilities shall be provided by the Contractor for determining the temperature in the heating equipment and the

Asphaltic material may be applied for the full pavement width unless pavement width exceeds 26 feet on the condition that the "shot" will be covered with aggregate
immediately. Traffic will not be allowed on the freshly applied asphalt.

Aggregate shall be immediately and uniformly applied and spread by an approved self
Propelled continuous feed aggregate spreader. The entire surface shall be broomed,
bladed, or raked as required by the Engineer and shall be thoroughly rolled with rolling
Equipment acceptable to the City.

The Contractor shall be responsible for the maintenance of the surface until the work is accepted by the Engineer. All holes or failures in the seal coat shall be repaired.

Stockpile ling of aggregate shall not obstruct traffic or interfere with the roadway drainage. These stockpile areas shall be subject to approval by the Engineer and shall be prepared so as to be free of contami nation .


The rates of application of asphalt and aggregate material for the seal coat shall be as follows:
Asphaltic material (AC-5) 0.3 gallons per sq. y d . Aggregate material (PF-Gr. 4) 1 C.Y. per 1 10 sq. yds.

Asphaltic material shall be measured at point of application on the road in gallons at the applied temperature. Payment will be made for the gallons used , as directed , in the accepted surface treatment at the unit price bid for "Asphalt AC-5".
Aggregate will be measured by the cubic yard in vehicles as applied on the road and will be paid for at the unit pdce bid for "Aggregate, Type PB-Grade 4".
The price bid for "Asphalt AC-5" and "Aggregate" shown on the plans shall be full compensation for cleaning and sprinkling the base, for furnishing, preparing , hauling and placing all materials; for all rolling; for all freight; and for all manipulations, labor, tools,
Equipment and incidentals necessary to complete the work.

This Contract will be in affect from the award date until December 31, 2020. There will be three or four times we would want the contractor to come to town and chip seal the streets. The first one being in September of 2018. The second one being in October or November of 2018. The third time being in August or September of 2019 and the fourth time being in October or November of 2019. There possibly could be a fifth time in the spring of 20120 depending on available funds. Each time will consist of somewhere between 50,000-100,000 square yards if chip sealing. Some will be a single chip seal and some will be a two course chip seal. The City will reclaim some streets in advance of the contractor coming to town and these streets will require a two course seal coat.
Bids shall be for one course and two courses. Also have a bid for blading and finishing a street that the City has reclaimed. Prices shall be per square yard.
One course price per square yard
Two course price per square yard
Finishing reclaimed street price per square yard

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