Bike Patrol - Bike Registration

Bike Patrol

The Cuero Police Departments has 4 (Four) bicycles as additional tools that are used on patrol. The Cuero Police Department purchased the bicycles in 2012 and the program has been around since that time. Officers will be patrolling the park area, downtown area and neighborhoods.
Bike Partol A.jpg
Officers will also be using the bikes during different community/city events involving citizens of Cuero. They can be faster, in such a situation that a vehicle is unable to get through a crowd, they are also easier to maneuver in large crowds than a vehicle. Bicycles are stealthier, allowing Officers to get closer to where people are and not be noticed, such as where drugs are being dealt or a party going on. The determining factor in the bike patrol was that it is more of a community service project and citizens are more likely to approach Officers while on a bike. It is about providing the service to the community and having the support of the community.

The community is who we serve and protect and with their help we are able to gather valuable information. The Cuero Police Department is dedicated to the citizen of Cuero and pride ourselves on Integrity, Honor and Courage.

Bike Registration

The Cuero Police Department and Wal-Mart have continued their strong community partnership by joining forces in combating bicycle theft. Wal-Mart shows their support of Cuero Police Department's "Operation: Bike ID" by generously awarding the Cuero Police Department $1,400 through their Community Grants Program. This award will be utilized in the purchase of a record management program that will be the repository of all the bikes registered with the Cuero Police Department. "Operation: Bike ID" is a bike registration program offered to the citizens of Cuero. The program is free and beneficial to the safe keeping of your bicycles.

To Register your bike, bring it to the Cuero Police Department at 100 N Clinton.