Summer Reading Program

 July 08, 2020     John O'Bryant     Comedy Magician   July  15, 2020     Mark Lenihan      Happy Tails           July  22, 2020    Robb Holladay     Magical Balloon Guy
Programs start at 10:00 - 11:00 and the first two will be held out under the Market Pavillion. The third program will be at the Cuero Park Clubhouse located at 201 Leonard Harmon Roy Drive 

                                                                          "FRED" Cuero Public Library Summer Reading Program:  

We would like to offer an alternative reading program  "FRED" (Families Reading Every Day.)  The registration dates will begin on June 01, 2020 and extend through July 10, 2020. This program is sponsored by the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.
The Fred group code to join is: CPL-FRED-954DeWittCo
This program is free and set up on a monthly calendar basis to encourage the youth in our         counties to read. Participants and their families may log in from a smart device or computer        to the FRED website to log their reading time. We will also have hard copies at the library for pick-up and books to facilitate themes. A parent, guardian, or other parental figure must        register themselves first online and then the child /or/ children participating. Directions may         be found in “FRED Family Guide.”

One FRED session lasts 28 days. These days are ideally consecutive, but may be spread out     over a longer time period. The link is (  Participants read 15 minutes  a day for the first two weeks and 30 minutes a day for the remaining two weeks. The reading log helps families to keep a daily record of the amount of time they spend reading with their child / children and the number of books.

Participants will receive a welcome and introduction packet “FRED family guide.” In this guide,you will receive a list of recommended books, practical tips for reading with child / children, focused activities, and reading log, FRED pledge sign-up sheet, a “notes” page, evaluation page, and monthly calendar.  These items may be obtained on line as well for those who prefer a virtual experience.  At the end of 28 days of reading you will be asked to fill out a program evaluation. A certificate may also be printed out upon completion and a “goodie bag” will be waiting at the library for those who have completed the 28 day program. There will be a second month in July offered as well for 28 days. Please come by the Library to pick up packets or go on line to print out the paperwork.

In order to begin you must register on line and return the lower portion of the FRED pledge page to the library director. The Cuero Public Library hopes you will have a wonderful summer as you  and your family keep reading over the summer!