Zoning Board of Adjustments


  • Carl Krueger, Chairman
  • Tyler McClellan
  • Lee Tillman
  • Jerome Dreyer
  • Brian Cromeens
  • Craig Oakes
  • Gilberto Esquivel


There is hereby created a Board of Adjustments, herein referred to as the Board. In the absence of a Board, the City Council shall serve as the Board. The Board shall be organized, appointed, and function as follows: The Board shall consist of 5 members who are residents of the City, each to be appointed by the City Council for a term of 2 years and removable for cause by the appointing authority upon written charges and after public hearing. The City Council shall designate 1 member as chairman. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term of any member, whose place becomes vacant for any cause, in the same manner as the original appointment was made.

The City Council may appoint 2 alternate members of the Board who shall serve in the absence of 1 or more of the regular members when requested to do so by the Chairman of the Board of City Secretary, as the case may be. All cases to be heard by the Board will always be heard by a minimum of 75% of the number of regular members. Alternate members shall serve for the same period as the regular members.


Committee meets in the Council Chambers at 212 E Main as needed.

Agendas & Minutes

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