City Council Members

The Mayor and six Councilmen, elected with no party affiliation to two-year, overlapping terms, make up the City of Cuero City Council.

Terms are staggered and elections are held every year in May. The City Council establishes policies governing City operations and enacts ordinances and resolutions to amend or update the City of Cuero Municipal Code.

The Council levies taxes, adopts the City's yearly budget and appoints members to citizen advisory boards.

Decisions made by the Council protect the health, safety, general welfare and future well-being of the citizens of  Cuero. Council meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Council Chamber at City Hall.

Greg Freeman 

Greg Freeman

District 1 Councilman

Term expires May 2025

Terry Glover

District 2 Councilman

Term Expires May 2024

W.T "Tony" Allen

District 3 Councilman

Term Expires May 2024

Mitch Adams

District 4 Councilman

Term Expires May 2025

Emil Garza

Member At Large


Term Expires May 2025

William "Bill" Matthys

Mayor Pro Tem

Term Expires May 2025