DeWitt County Shutterbugs Annual Photography Contest 2017 Exhibit

1st Black and White-Best of Show - Charles R BooneBest of Show

Charles R Boone

Category: Black & White

1st Flowers-Plants-Wildflower Award - Frank Klein
Wildflower Award
Frank Klein
Category: Plants

1st Animals - Frank Klein
1st Place - Frank Klein

2nd Animals - Don Jeaane
2nd Place - Don Jeane

3rd Animals - Tom Savage
3rd Place - Tom Savage

1st Architecture - Don Jeane
​1st Place - Don Jeane

2nd Architecture - Charles R
2nd Place - Charles R Boone

3rd Architecture - Debbie Granberry
3rd Place - Debbie Granberry

Black And White
2nd Black and White - Carolyn Moorehead
2nd Place - Carolyn Moorehead

3rd Black and White - Frank Klein
3rd Place - Frank Klein

Creative Effects
1st Creative Effects - Marsha Gibson
1st Place - Marsha Gibson

2nd Creative Effects - Fain Zimmerman
2nd Place - Fain Zimmerman

3rd Creative Effects - Marsha Gibson
3rd Place - Marsha Gibson

1st Landscape - Frank Klein
1st Place - Frank Klein

2nd Landscape - Don Jeane
2nd Place - Don Jeane

3rd Landscape - Tom Savage
3rd Place - Tom Savage

1st Miscellaneous - Charles R
1st Place - Charles R Boone

2nd Miscellaneous - Lillian Barta
2nd Place - Lillian Barta

3rd Miscellaneous - Charles R
3rd Place - Charles R Boone

1st Portraits-People - Tom Savage
1st Place - Tom Savage

2nd Portraits-People - Tom Savage
2nd Place - Tom Savage

3rd Portraits-People - Jeana Allen
3rd Place - Jeana Allen

2nd Flowers-Plants - John Kain
2nd Place - John Kain

3rd Flowers-Plants - Frank Klein
3rd Place - Frank Klein

1st Youth - Kassidy Cowey
1st Place - Kassidy Cowey

2rd Youth - Kassidy Cowey
2nd Place - Kassidy Cowey

3rd Youth - Kaylynn Cowey
3rd Place - Kaylynn Cowey