Garbage / Recycling Collection 

Welcome to your new Trash and Recycle Service Provided by Texas Disposal Systems. Here's how it works:

Each week, TDS will service your residential trash cart (green with black lid or green lid) on your designated service day, and every other week TDS  will service your residential recycle cart (green cart with tan lid). You can also reference the links below for complete information regarding your New trash and recycling schedules.

Collection/recycling map  Dividing line between Gray or White is Highway 183/Esplanade. If your business or residence is on the East side of Esplanade you are gray week for recycling. If your business or residence is on the West side of Esplanade you are white week. RECYCLE pick up day is Wednesday.

Recycling item list

TDS Link Residents may access this site for information also. Enter your address or account number and find out what your service days are.

** Now that you are being offered recycling, please make sure to put the appropriate recyclable materials in your recycle cart. As a result, you'll be generating less landfill trash, which is why your trash cart now only needs to be picked up once a week.

Be Sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for some informative videos about your new resource in TDS.

Residential Service & Fees

** There will be charges collected from each residence within the city, and from each residence outside the city which receives city solid waste collection service, a minimum billing period collection service charge.

Texas Disposal Rates

** Residential and Commercial customers shall pay per pickup, per container for any additional pickups requested above normal schedule. Call for pricing and to schedule pickup: 361-275-6114, Press 5 then option 1.

** Residential customers, inside and outside the city limits, shall receive trash pickup once a week and recycle pickup every other week.

Setting Service Up

Come by City Hall at 212 E Main to start collection services.

Recycling Video

TDS Informational Video