City of Cuero Fire Marshal

The City of Cuero's Fire Marshal is Chief James P. Barrie, CFPS, FEMT.  With over 23 years of fire service experience,  Chief Barrie brings a broad range of experience to the City of Cuero.  Chief Barrie is an Arson Investigator, Fire Inspector, and holds a Master Peace Officer license.

The City of Cuero Fire Marshal's Office is responsible for conducting fire and life safety inspections for many different types of occupancies, such as daycare facilities, foster homes, restaurants, doctor offices, retail stores, and many more. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure the safety of the business owners, visitors, and even our firefighters.  The Fire Marshal conducts these inspections to identify and correct any hazards or conditions that could cause a fire, contribute to its spread, and that could endanger occupants and firefighters during a fire.  Each and every inspection is done with everyone's safety in mind. Prevention and preparation is key!

Currently the Fire Marshal conducts fire and life safety inspections following the City adopted International Fire Code, 2009 edition. This code is available through the International Code Council, and a copy is available for review in the Fire Marshal’s Office located at the Cuero Fire Department.

A business wishing to open and operate within the city limits of Cuero must be inspected by the Fire Marshal, and issued a Certificate of Occupancy PRIOR to opening to the public. If you have any questions, please contact the City of Cuero Building Department to see if you require a building permit, then contact the Fire Marshal to obtain fire code requirements for your business.

To schedule a fire inspection, you can call our office at (361) 275-6114 Ext. 620, email the Fire Marshal at, or stop by the fire station at 219 E Main Street, Cuero, Texas 77954 . Inspections must be requested with at least 24 hours notice, and are subject to availability on a first come, first served basis. 

CFD Barrie


If you have a fire hazard complaint to report please call the Fire Marshal's Office, or stop by the Cuero Fire Department to report the hazard for immediate assistance. 

Examples of Fire Hazards Include:
  • Locked/Blocked EXIT Doors
  • Expired Fire Extinguishers, Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarms, Kitchen Hoods
  • Hazardous Operations 
  • Active Gas Leaking Inside A Building
  • Open Electrical Wiring
  • Use of Extension Cords In A Commercial Business
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders Not Secured
  • Excessive Flammable Liquid Storage In A Commercial Business