Billing & Payment Information


Bill amount will be due and payable on or before the 17th by 6 p.m. Payment received after 6 p.m. on the due date of the 17th will be posted on the next business day and the will incur the 10% penalty. If the 17th falls on weekend or a holiday, then the following business day until 5 p.m. will be given to pay without penalty. United States Post Office postmarks shall be the deciding factor for payments received by mail in determining when an account is paid on time or when a late fee is to be assessed.

 Account balances not paid by the 27th by 6 p.m. will be subject to disconnect and appear on the disconnect list. An administrative fee of $20 will be incurred and a re-connect fee of $30 will apply; re-connect after hours $40.

A $30 non-sufficient funds fee will apply for return checks/bank drafts. Customers who submit 2 return checks/bank drafts within a 12 month period will not be able to make check payments for 2 years.

Penalties are not waived.


Current Electric Charges

Base Charge

The Base charge is based on costs associated with having power available at a

location whether or not electricity is used.


Terms of service are defined as Residential, Small Commercial, Medium Commercial, Large Commercial, Medium Industrial, or Large Industrial. ICL defined as Inside City Limits; OCL defined as Outside City Limits.

This type of charge designates the rate multiplied by the kWh used for the service period. This charge

reflects the dollars the City retains in order to distribute electricity to your location.


The Power Cost reflects the dollars the City of Cuero pays to our wholesale power suppliers for the power that is then sold, at cost, to our customers. This charge is based on actual kWh consumption (electricity used).

The City of Cuero is an electric distribution location; we do not generate electricity. Each month the City receives a bill from the wholesale power supplier for the energy our customers use. The City passes that charge on to the customer.


A meter multiplier is tied to each specific type of meter. An average residential home will have a meter using the multiplier of 1. However, larger residential and commercial accounts with a higher energy load may have a larger multiplier.


Payment Options

  • Online by accessing the Payment website.
  • By Bank Draft to have the balance drafted from your checking/savings account on the due date
  • By Mail to
    City of Cuero Utilities
    P.O. Box 848
    Cuero, TX 77954
  • In Person at City hall located at 212 E Main Street (Monday-Thursday, 7:30a.m.-6 p.m. Friday's, 7:3am - Noon )
  • Drive through access through alley behind City hall (Monday-Thursday, 7:30a.m.-6 p.m. Friday's, 7:3am - Noon )
  • Night Drop located at the end of the alley way behind City hall (available 24 hours)
  • Payment by Phone and/or pay by TEXT  1-866-301-7407