Catastrophe Notice


March 23, 2020 

Update from City Manager


Update from the City Manager

This is a reminder that all City buildings and Parks will be closed for the next two weeks. City employees will still be working but will be avoiding as much direct contact with the Public as possible. If you need to pay your bill, please use the drive through, the drop box or pay online. If you need to speak with someone in the utility department, you can call 361-275-6114 ext. 401. If you need a building permit or information you can call 361-275-6114 ext.133. If you need to speak to someone in Municipal Court, you can call 361-275-8559. All garbage will be picked up on the normal route days as nothing has changed and there are no plans to change anything. As things change, we will update information to this page.

Raymie Zella

City Manager

March 20, 2020

Update from the City Manager 3/20/20

Starting Monday March 23rd, Cuero City Hall will not be open to the public through Friday April 3rd. At that time, we will reevaluate the circumstances and make a decision whether to open City Hall or remain closed. Employees will still be at work as we try and limit contact as much as possible for the next two weeks. We are making sure our employees are doing the social distancing while at work. Please pay your utility bill at the drop box, drive through or online. If you need to set up a new account or any other business that cannot be handled through the drive through with the Utility Department, please call in (361-275-6114) and we will set up an appointment time for you to come in. Also if you need a building permit call 361-275-6114 or business with the Municipal Court please call 361-275-8559. The Police Department and Fire Department will be on their normal schedules. Public Works Department will be in a standby mode for emergencies (electric outages, water leaks and sewer back-up) and will be ready to respond to any of these situations. The park will be closed to the public through April 3rd. The Public Library and Museums will be closed through April 13th. I will say it again that our Water supply is of superior quality and as safe or even better for you than the bottled water you buy. We are operating under normal circumstances and have an ample supply of water. Please be safe out there and practice the social distancing. Most of our local restaurants are open for Drive through. If you are able, please help support them through these difficult times. As always if you have any questions about any of our operations please call 361-275-6114.

Raymie Zella

City Manager

If you want accurate, current information regarding the Coronavirus, please use the following safe sites.

Texas Department of State Health Services


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


South Texas Regional Advisory Council